Privacy Statement

Processing and protection of personal data

When you make a booking for Tulp en Zee, we need certain data from you. In other cases too, such as information requests, the administration concerning competitions, for instance, or visits to our websites, we process data. In this, we also involve third parties who receive certain personal data and process it on behalf of Tulp en Zee. In case of a reservation, your data is of course shared with Tulp en Zee.

Below a more elaborate description what data we can process and what we do with it:

Firstname, surname and gender
To be able to address you personally in the park and in our further communication, we’d like to use your personal data. Of course this is also necessary to register your reservation and include the data in the noctuary.

Address and place of residence
We will send the booking details by email.

Telephone number
We may have to contact you about your booking. If there are any questions, we will phone you or send you an email.

Date of Birth
A person booking an accommodation at Tulp en Zee must be over 18. We therefore need a date of birth.
Payment details
For payment of your booking we use a protected payment environment. If you pay with iDeal or by transfer, your details are stored in our administration to be able to link the payment to your booking. For the rest, we only use your bank account number if we owe you a refund. If you pay by credit card, we send your credit card details from our protected environment directly to our credit card partner. They carry out our credit card payments. In this process we do not get to see your credit card details. Our partner only tells us whether your payment has succeeded.

IP address
On the Internet we may look at your IP address. We remember your preferences so we can offer fitting advice.

Email address
You will receive an email about your reservation, invoice and bookings you made. You will also receive newsletters by email. If you prefer not to receive newsletters and special offers anymore, you can easily unsubscribe using the link in the newsletter.

We use your data for the following

Guest service
You can phone or mail us or approach us through social media.

Your data is passed on to Tulp en Zee and to organisations that support us in relation to your booking. These include organisations that are not part or Tulp en Zee.

Contact, inspection, change or removal of data and customers
On request we will indicate if we process your personal data. You can also request, correct, add to, remove or protect this data, for instance if it is incorrect.

Storage periods
We will store your personal data for as long as is reasonably necessary. It may be necessary to retain it longer, for instance on the basis of legislation.

Protection of data
For the protection of the personal data we process, we use extensive protection procedures, to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing these data, for instance.

Cookie policy
Tulp en Zee and third parties use cookies (and other techniques, together always called cookies) to analyse websites, make them more user-friendly, be able to offer social media and show you relevant special offers on and outside our website. You give your permission by using this site.
A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer or other equipment upon your visit of a website. By placing these cookies, Tulp en Zee can be of better service to you now and in the future. Both Tulp en Zee and other parties with which we collaborate (including Google) can place cookies on your computer and other equipment. Tulp en Zee distinguishes various types of cookies:
Functional cookies are used to improve ease of use, so, for instance, you don’t have to make the same selection or log in over and over again if you have done it before.
Transaction cookies are used when you have made a booking, and if applicable to pay commissions to our partners.

Monitoring/Analytics cookies are mainly placed on behalf of other parties, such as Google Analytics. With them, Tulp en Zee can chart visit/search behaviour and adjust its service to it, so we can be of even better service to you as our (potential) guest.
Marketing or targeting cookies are placed to store our interests so special offers can be made on and outside Tulp en Zee websites that are in line with your wishes/interests. Tulp en Zee can also stop showing offers automatically if you have already used them or have seen them several times. Without these cookies there is a chance that you will see irrelevant advertisements from us more often. We would like to note that without cookies you might also see Tulp en Zee advertisements.

What third parties place cookies through Tulp en Zee websites?
Tulp en Zee works with third parties in the fields of social media, visitors’ statistics that also place cookies. The following companies are partners of Tulp en Zee in that sense: Google (Plus, Maps, Analytics, Adwords).

Do you have an interest in the placement of cookies?
Cookies enable us to analyse surfing behaviour and make offers that can be relevant to you. For instance, you are not shown over and over again the same offer that does not match your wishes. We are continuously improving our online service thanks to data derived from trends and behaviour on our websites. If you use social media, such as a Facebook or Twitter profile, cookies will ensure that you can easily share your interests without having to log in each time.
Tulp en Zee aims at an optimally pleasant experience. Cookies help to achieve this experience on the website.

Can you remove cookies?
You can always remove cookies from your equipment using your browser. You can determine yourself whether you want to accept cookies. In most web browsers cookies are accepted automatically. You can set your browser to refuse cookies. We would like to point out that switching off cookies may limit your use of our website (and other websites).

Tulp en Zee reserves the right to make changes in the privacy notice. For this reason, check the privacy statement regularly for an update.